Welsh Baseball Union Premier Division 2012-2014

WBU Premier Division 2012

St. Peter’s RFC10100020
Rumney RFC1090118
Grange Catholics1051411
Grange Albion1042410
St. Michael’s104159
Welsh Baseball Union Premier Division 2012 {Reference: 1

WBU Premier Division 2013

Grange Albion870114
Grange Catholics860212
St. Alban’s RFC960312
St. Peter’s RFC950410
Welsh Baseball Union Premier Division 2013 [Reference: 2]

WLBU Premier Division 2014

St. Alban’s880016
Grange Albion760112
Grange Catholics850310
Rumney RFC84048
Welsh Baseball Union Premier Division 2014 [Reference: 3


The Welsh Baseball Union governs the Men’s game in Wales, currently only running leagues at underage level. St. Peter’s (2012), Grange Albion (2013) and St. Alban’s (2014) won the last three titles in the Men’s League before it was abandoned.

About Welsh Baseball

Welsh Baseball is the Welsh version of Rounders or Baseball and is their Traditional Celtic Sport. It is played like Baseball or Rounders on a diamond, with the original posts instead of bases like in Medieval Rounders, and the diamond is assymetrical. The bat is more like a cricket bat than a baseball or rounders bat, being slightly flat and tapers from the base to the handle. Points are scored for each base reached and also a point for getting all the way round back home.

The sport is played in mostly working class areas of South Wales and Liverpool, particularly in neighborhoods with a strong Irish Catholic population.

The game was originally Rounders but a visiting American Baseball team led by the legendary A.G. Spalding, played matches in Liverpool against local teams at the turn of the 20th Century (early 1900s), and the English Rounders Association (Liverpool) adopted some of the innovations in Baseball, thus deciding it was no longer Rounders and changed the name. It instructed its counterparts in the Welsh Baseball Union and Gloucester Baseball Union (no longer active) to do the same, thus leading to a hybrid Rounders-Baseball code unique to Wales and Liverpool.



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