GAA Rounders Minor Ladies All-Ireland Championship Finals 1977-2018


Minor Ladies Finals 1977-2016

YearWinner Runner-Up 
1977Erin’s Own (Antrim)   
1978St. Ergnat’s (Antrim)   
1979Erin’s Own (Antrim)   
1980Donagh (Monaghan)   
1981Donagh (Monaghan)   
1982Donagh (Monaghan)   
1983Donagh (Monaghan)   
1984Magherafelt (Derry)   
1985Lakelands (Dublin)   
1986Magherafelt (Derry)   
1987Castlebar (Mayo)   
1988Castlebar (Mayo)   
1989Castlebar (Mayo)   
1990St. Laurence’s (Kildare)   
1991Desertmartin (Derry)   
1992Castlebar (Mayo)   
1993Castlebar (Mayo)   
1994Castlebar (Mayo)   
1995Castlebar (Mayo)   
1996Castlebar (Mayo)   
1997Rathdowney (Laois)   
1998Rathdowney (Laois)   
1999Rathdowney (Laois)   
2000Ballyhaise (Cavan)   
2001Bagenalstown (Carlow)   
2002Bagenalstown (Carlow)   
2003Bagenalstown (Carlow)   
2004Bagenalstown (Carlow)   
2005Castlebar (Mayo)   
2006Castlebar (Mayo)   
2007Castlebar (Mayo) Limekiln (Dublin) 
2008Castlebar (Mayo) Limekiln (Dublin) 
2009The Heath (Laois) Castlebar (Mayo) 
2010The Heath (Laois) Limekiln (Dublin) 
2011The Heath (Laois) Limekiln (Dublin) 
2012The Heath (Laois) Limekiln (Dublin) 
2013The Heath (Laois)   
2014Limekiln (Dublin)   
2015Cuchulainn (Carlow)   
Rounders was included in the original Gaelic Athletic Association Charter in 1884 as one one of the four Gaelic Games – the others being Gaelic Football, Hurling, and Handball. It wasn’t until the 1950s, however, that any effort was made to organise the game, when the Erin’s Own Club in Antrim started a Rounders section and made efforts to promote the game throughout Ireland.


The Minor Ladies All-Ireland Championship has been run since 1977


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Thanks to Fiona Corrigan.

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