Irish Rounders

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Featured Image: Hand holding a rounders ball. Rounders is a bat and ball game between two team that involves hitting a hard leather cased ball with a wooden bat. [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 19 February 2022

GAA Irish Rounders

Rounders is an Irish and British version of Softball and Baseball, and thought to be the ancestor of both. It was first codified in Ireland as part of the Original GAA Charter of 1884, but not organised until 1958. It is a Bat and Ball (also known as Safe Haven) sport whereby the batter attempts to hit a ball thrown at him or her by a pitcher or bowler and then attempts to run around the bases back home.

World Rounders

Rounders was first codified by the Gaelic Athletic Association in Ireland and included in the first GAA Charter in 1884. It is also played in England, Wales and Australia and the GAA held its first Alpen Cup in Italy between two GAA clubs in Italy & Switzerland and a local Softball Club.

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